Blakes 'Interest' Project

Blakes 'Interest' Project
Photo by Ryno Marais / Unsplash

I chose to start this project to help towards a goal I have to become a builder and eventually run my own business.

It helped me learn to think creatively and effectively while working on projects. I had to come up with my own ways to make everything, the legs, the shelf and the table. Thinking about how I wanted things and how I was going to do it was a new experience. I found working towards my goal by taking this step very inspiring and I found new things out about myself like that I was very good at problem solving some issues I was having like random holes, broken screws and screw placement. I also learnt that I enjoy it a lot more than I thought I would.

After I finished It gave me more drive and a new passion with even more reason to follow this path. The reasons I chose builder were: it Keeps me physically active, It's a job that is always needed and it's a job where I can learn and apply new skills constantly. These are all things that are important to me and all things that will last long term while also helping with my mental health by keeping my mind and body active while doing something productive.

Here is my project...enjoy!