Ella Long - Photographer and budding Journalist

Ella Long - Photographer and budding Journalist
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

When did you first get into photography?

A few years ago, I always wanted a camera so my dad surprised me with it as a Christmas gift and we took photos together at various places, so I’ve done photography since then.

What sort of camera do you have?

Nikon Digital Camera

What is it about photography that interests you?

I like capturing a moment in time and looking back at it later.

What do you like to take photos of?

I like to take photos of views or settings, like parts of nature.

Do you edit your photos?

I tried editing but am not that good yet.

We have another student – Sienna, who does editing so maybe the two of you could get together and do editing.

When you think about your future can you see photography in it?

Yeah – I always thought about doing it as a side job and I really want to travel so I would definitely be taking my camera with me.

When you look at certain objects do you look and think – that could tell a story or do you look and think – oh, that would be cool to take a photo of?

It’s a bit of both sometimes, I guess. I was at Omokoroa beach, and I saw the tide was out and a little colourful dingy was there in the sand and I took a photo and I thought that was cool because its someone’s boat that they use and I just liked that idea and, other times I would take a photo just for fun.

Do you do any close-up photographs at all?

Yes, I’ve done a few.

Does anyone else in your family do photography?

I share my camera with my dad, so he takes photos and is pretty interested in it as well, and my Grandad.

Do you have moments when you sit with Grandad and learn photography skills from him?

Yes, I went to the Hamilton Gardens with him, and he would sit me down and say – “that would be cool to take a photo of” because of this and this and this – and he would talk about getting the lighting right etc.

What is your favourite photo?

Probably of my sister at the Hamilton Gardens. I have a lot of photos because she liked having her photo taken!

Do you like to take portrait photos or, photos of people in their natural elements?

I prefer natural and they don’t know I’m taking a photo, otherwise they appear too aware and not as natural.

Do you think about maybe starting a portfolio or even starting to make some money from taking photos?


Anything else you’d like to tell us?

I also like writing, probably slightly more than photography. I’m looking forward to writing for this newspaper!

Brilliant – you could be a roving reporter!

Yip – that would be cool!

Side-note – Ella returned later and helped with the interview with Summer Peterson! The budding reporter career begins! Ella has also just completed her first full interview with Equestrian Rider Natalie Malham. Watch out for more articles from Ella 😊